Hi all.

So it seems like there's been a bit of interest in the Kakapo since I sent off the beta version to Nicegear. That's really awesome. So I thought I'd post a quick update about where I'm up to with production.

Firstly, the beta testing has been valuable and libkakapo has been worked on by both myself, and hads at Nicegear. This is critical to get as many bugs out in the libraries you may be leaning on heavily to make those first steps to lower-level code.

The final production panels have already been ordered, and will soon be on their way to me here in NZ. I'll post an update when they arrive. The parts needed to produce an initial run of 25 have also arrived, so we're good to go on the parts front.

So hang tight, there is progress being made, and we'll have them shipping real soon now!