With a new job looming (actually, already started), it is the best time to start working on electronics projects again. No, I don't know how that works either.

NTP Server 1.5 board has been made and now awaits testing. It's pictured below:

The changes are documented on the history page. The two major changes are using a switch-mode power supply instead of a linear one, and removing some external flash that is no longer required now I have a working XBoot setup.

The other board to arrive is the first cut at an Arduino clone based on an XMEGA 64-pin chip. There are a few XMEGA based clones floating around, this one is mostly focussed on trying to support a wide range of 64-pin XMEGA chips and provide some extra hardware to get you started. This board is pictured below:

These are the first boards I've had made by the people at Hackvana. The build quality is good, with very clear silk and all drills have been correct. (I've had boards from other places with incorrect drills). In particular, despite the very small silk text for component labels (which, I should really have made a lower weight), they're all clear enough to be read. Tented vias also came through just fine, and Hackvana will accept two drill files for plated and unplated holes, if you prefer to not plate mounting holes.

We'll see how the boards perform when I get around to completing an assembly, but they look pretty good so far!