So obviously the design of the blog has changed rather radically.

What happened was that the WordPress instance I was hosting myself was let’s face it, poorly maintained, and thus had a whole lot of crap injected into the pages and content. That crap was then hijacking people browsering into a bunch of scam sites. Ugh.

Thankfully I have backups, and have largely restored the content back to the way it was. But fed up with having to patch WordPress, I’ve decided to switch to a static blog system called Jekyll.

It’s a little rough to use, but I appreciate just being able to write markdown in an SSH session, and the hosting can just be an S3 bucket. Which let’s face it, is a whole lot more awesome than my own Apache instance running PHP.

So this will be a bit of a work in progress while I resurrect the content and restyle it, but the meat is all still here. It just doesn’t look so great right now.