Kakapo External Programming


The Kakapo is shipped with the RESET_EN jumper closed by a blob of solder. Before the external programming header on the board can be used, this blob needs to be removed, so the RESET_EN jumper is open.

Program Debug Interface overview

External programming of XMEGA chips is based on a serial protocol called PDI (Program Debug Interface), propriety to the XMEGA platform. PDI replaced the ICSP interface on previous AVR8 chips such as the MEGA line.

PDI has a dedicated pin for bi-direction data (“PDI_DATA”), and uses the !RESET line as a clock (“PDI_CLK”). These are presented on the same 6-pin (3×2) header as an ICSP connection, and maintain the same position for VCC and GND as ICSP.


PDI is not compatible wit

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